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Timeshare in Costa del Sol

Timeshare still remains a financially viable means of securing holiday property. With many people reluctant to take on the open-ended commitment to owning their own property, timeshare represent the safest and most effective method of gaining access to high quality holiday home.

Timeshare has many advantages over holidaying in hotels or owning your own holiday home.

Low Entry Cost

Timeshare have lower entry cost than purchasing your own property as they require a fraction of the investment required when buying a holiday home. Additionally they do not require expensive transactional costs such as lawyer’s fees, purchase tax, notary fees, and residency registration.


Unlike your own holiday property, you can swap your allocation with other timeshare owners at other resorts. This allows you to take your vacation at different destinations whilst guaranteeing the quality and the standards of the property regardless of its location. You can exchange your allocated time, allow other friends or family to use your allocations or rent out your allocation when you are unable to use your allocation.


Timeshare means you buy your future holidays at today’s prices regardless of the changes and fluctuation in the property market and cost of holidays. In some respect you are future-proofing your holidays against rises in costs by paying for part of your holiday now. Depending on the type of timeshare you purchase, you can sell your timeshare during your life-time or leave to your children or spouse after your death.

Guaranteed Quality

When buying a timeshare from a reputable company, you guarantee the quality and the standards of the properties. This means the property or the resort that you have a time allocation on will be maintained to a high standard and even if you choose to swap your allocation for another resort, you can always expect the same level of high quality.

Value for Money

Resorts and properties that offer timeshare provide you with an apartment, villa or townhouse that is fully equipped. Unlike holidaying at a hotel you get a fully fitted kitchen, private bathrooms, private sitting room (some with balconies), and high quality bedroom or bedrooms depending on the size of the unit. Additionally, unlike self-catering properties that offer varying standards, you are assured of the quality of the property, facilities and the furnishings.

Our Timeshare Offer

We have partnered with Marriott Holiday Club, a division of Marriott Hotel Group, to provide you with an opportunity to take part in one of the most prestigious and trusted timeshare programmes.

Retreat to Andalucia

The Costa del Sol with its sun-drenched shores of the Mediterranean is one of the world’s most luxurious, sought-after destinations. It really does live up to its name as the coast of the sun, with an average of 320 days of sunshine every year and a marvellously relaxed, cosmopolitan atmosphere. However, there is a lot more to Andalucia than just sun. The region’s delicate Moorish craftsmanship adorns some of the most admired buildings in Europe. The exuberance of flamenco was born here; as were some of Spain’s greatest artists: Velázquez, Murillo and Picasso. The country’s national drink, Sherry, is also created in its heartland.

Marriott’s Playa Andaluza

Marriott’s Playa Andaluza is a magnificent beachfront property, close to the luxurious marina of Puerto Banús, internationally-renowned for its exclusive shops, restaurants and nightlife. Relax on the sandy beaches or play on one of the sixty golf courses nearby, many designed by top international golfers.

Five-star accommodation

The design and architecture of the resorts, the apartments and the Clubhouses are heavily influenced by the traditions of Andalusia, and the spacious sweep of the gardens has all the lavish charm so typical of the region.

Your accommodation will be a luxurious two-bedroom apartment with a king-size bed in the master bedroom, satellite TV, DVD player, stereo and a fully equipped kitchen with microwave oven and dishwasher.

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Properties for Sale, Costa del Sol, Spain
Properties for Sale, Costa del Sol, Spain
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